Ontario's Feel Good Town



Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Cobourg combines a rustic small town feel with a dynamic, progressive vibe.

Cobourg Spotlight

B1YYPA RV-Park and Beach in Cobourg Ontario Canada
Cobourg Beach

Featuring a sandy beach, a marina and an RV park, Cobourg Beach is a major draw for visitors of the town.

FAR4K5 The Victoria Park entrance to Cobourg Beach in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
2024 Cobourg Waterfront Festival

Running from June 29th to July 1st, the Festival is a major annual event in Cobourg during summer.

Victoria Hall in Cobourg, Ontario. Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
Historic Cobourg

A legacy of its time as a prosperous port town in the nineteenth century, Cobourg boasts plenty of historic architecture.

2024 Solar Eclipse

On Monday, April 8th Cobourg will experience a total eclipse of the sun, a rare event that last occured in the area 400 years ago, and won't occur again for another 375 years.

Lake Ontario 

Cobourg is located on Lake Ontario, one of North America's Great Lakes. It's location on this waterway defines the town in many ways.

Cobourg Attractions

From the conveniently located beach front to its dynamic downtown to plenty of natural hiking areas, Cobourg offers something for every visitor and resident.

Luxurious condominiums on the Lake Ontario waterfront.
2BXK1FH Cobourg, Ontario, Canada - June 7, 2020:  This small town east of Toronto is proud of its historic heritage and preserves numerous buildings from the
aerial view of city scape including beach and harbour area, Cobourg Ontario Canada